I'm home!

Inky's Home from the Doll Hospital!

Hi everyone! I'm finally back from my trip to the hospital. I had to have surgery on my feet because I got a weird infection from my Keens.  I had a lot of fun. They let me eat ice cream out of little cups with a wooden spoon.  The only bad part is that when I woke up from my surgery, I wasn't wearing any underpants under my hospital gown! How embarassing!

Guess what though? While I was in the hospital, someone gave me a really hardcore bath. Now I have an eye infection. It's really hard for me to open my eye without thrashing around all crazily.  I might have to go back to the hospital! Poop dogs!

It's almost October and guess what that means? I get to visit Violet in Utah! I can't wait! 

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