Ice Bat

Inky & Ice Bat!, originally uploaded by Colette Denali.

Yesterday was an AWESOME day! I went into the city to hang out with my Tyotya Jess and DyaDya Ethan. They brought Lei Mei, a friend I met when I was visiting Violet. Lei Mei and I had lots of fun exploring the doll mall and eating at the café. I even had a fan come up and greet me! He recognized me from Flickr. I felt like a celebrity!

Then? I had my own brush with celebrity. We all went to FAO Schwarz- and the real Ice Bat was visiting! Leaping Lenins! I was so excited. Lei Mei took my picture with him. He's HUGE! My Ice Bat would be really impressed. I wish I had worn my Ice Bat t-shirt so that he could autograph it! He was really soft and nice.

I had so much fun with Lei Mei, Tyotya, and DyaDya. Guess what? Tyotya said I can visit Utah any time I want to!

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