Happy New Year 2008!


"Yeva! I'm home from the Midwest!"


"Oh Marinka! What a darling little polar bear! Where did you get him? What's his name?"

"Violence gave him to me for Christmas! His name is Henri.

Yeva? Why are you wearing your outside clothes?"


"I'm freezing!! Back in Russia, I used to cuddle with my cat, Chaika. I think she must have run away, because I haven't seen her since I came to America. Miss Jen makes the house so cold that I need to wear a coat, scarf, and mittens all the time!

But guess what! Colette Nikolaievna left your stocking and put your presents from your trip on the table! Go look!"


"Leaping Lenins! This is awesome! Candy canes and a tiny Nutcracker from Susie, a Petrushka egg from Ded Moroz, and a set of New Year tree ornaments for our ёлка!"


Isn't this snowflake darling? Colette's brother got it for me from his work!


"Marinka, your stocking presents are very nice! What else did you get on your trip?"


"Ramona Joséyevna (that's Colette's mama) gave me the Kaya doll. The new borscht pot is from Sara. The socks are from Jen's mama. And a Sputnik model! It's a million times better than the one I made with the bouncy ball and paper clips!"


"And Tyotya Jess and Dyadya Ethan gave me this beautiful birthstone necklace. Oh! And Tyotya Nikki gave me this awesome shirt!

Oooh! Here come Iris, Jess, and Marisol! Present time!"


"Okay people! Let's do this in an orderly fashion!"

"Jess! It's not nice to be bossy!"

"Be quiet Marisol! It's fake New Year!"


"Okay! First Jess and Marisol, because they're guests. Then me, because I'm the oldest. And then Yeva, because she's new. Inky can go last, because she's been the worst behaved this year."


"Oh! Santa brought me and Jess Cabbage Patch dolls! Just like the one Inky's grandpa gave her!"


"Santa brought me new ponies! Thank you Santa!"


"Ded Moroz gave me a new dress! And new beautiful shoes! Snegurochka must have helped him. Thank you Ded Moroz! Thank you Snegurochka!"


"Leaping Lenins!! Colette gave me a laptop! And a laptop bag!! Now I can post to my blog whenever I want! And write e-mails to Violence! And Ded Moroz! Спасибо!! This really is the best New Year ever!"


"Inky! You still need to open your secret present! That giant one, behind the tree! From that guy, Yura, whoever he is."

"You know Inky, you really shouldn't accept presents from strange men."

"Iris, don't be stupid! Who do you think Santa and Ded Moroz are? Strangers, that's who. This Yura guy is probably just another kind of Santa person."


"It's a real Vostok 1! Oh my gosh! And there's even a tiny Yuri Gagarin! This must be from him! How did he know this is exactly what I would have wanted if I knew it existed?

We all got some awesome presents this year!"


"We really did! But there's one more surprise this New Year! Close your eyes Yeva!"


"Okay! Now open!"

"Oh! Oh! It's Chaika! It's really, really Chaika! How did she get here?"

"Cadence and Miss Monica paid for her ticket to come all the way here! They even got her a new blanket and bag. Jess, Iris, and I took care of her while Inky was gone and you were sitting on your bed all day in your winter clothes!"

"Oh! Thank you Tyotya Monica! Thank you Cadence! This is the best, best New Year!"


This really is the best New Year!


Thank you Tyotya Nikki, for the new shirt! Thank you Violence, for Henri the bear! Thank you Jen, for the hat! Thank you Dyadya Ethan and Tyotya Jess for the beautiful necklace! Thank you Susie for the candy canes and nutcracker! Thank you Phil for the ornaments, Colette's mama for the Kaya doll, Jen's mama for the socks, and Sara for the borscht pot! Thank you Colette for the laptop! Thank you Yuri Gagarin for the Vostok!

And thank you, thank you, Tyotya Monica and Cadence! Look at Yeva! She's so happy.

Thank you world! С Новым Годом! Happy New Year!

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