Meeting Neko Case!


Leaping Lenins, I had the most awesome day EVER!!! First, I had to go to the post office to mail some presents to Cadence. She's pretty cool. Anyway, my Mama made me this Neko Case shirt for Easter- and my Mom gave me a ticket to go see her tonight!

So, I got to go to the Barrymore Theater. I was really excited, because there are twinkling lights sprinkled over the ceiling that look like stars. I put on my cowboy hat too, because Neko Case is classified as country according to iTunes.

At the Barrymore

Here I am with the marquee! My hat is falling forward in this picture and I look like a complete earmuffer. We sat in the back row in the concert, because my parents are old and boring. I danced a lot! I was really, really hoping Neko would play the song about John the Baptist. She left without playing it, but I clapped really, really hard and she came back out and played it!

Then, my Mama bought a t-shirt, because she was envious that I have one. And guess what? Neko Case came out and I got to meet her!!! She signed my shirt and everything!!! It was the most awesomest thing ever!

More Awesome!

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