Meet Ice Bat!

Chillin like a villain with my toys!

Hey guys! It's Saturday, hurrah!

I had to go birthday present shopping on Wednesday to pick out a present for my friend Bea. I hate birthday present shopping because I don't get to pick out anything for ME! I wrapped Bea's present in pretty paper and tried really hard not to open it and play with it.

I'm okay now because I got a new Ice Bat! I loved my Ice Bat so much, but during my travels, I lost him. Ice Bat likes to fly and attack Cheburashka. Cheburashka looks all scared and runs away.

So guys what are your favorite toys? I LOVE Cheburashka and Ice Bat. I also like Frog and Toad.


  1. I have an teddy bear (my sisters call it a 'bitty bear, doesn't look 'bitty' to me), a unicorn, and a poodle build-a-bear. I love them to death! -Emilie

    I have a cow...his name is 'Moo Cow'! ... (don't tell my sisters! I'm the 'tough' one.) -Nicki

  2. My favorite is my HUGE teddy bear named Archbishop!!!!

  3. I have a sock monkey.

    -Natalie, MAG 40