A Tour of my Bedroom

Hello Hello! I'd like to give you a tour of my bedroom.

Inky's Room

This is my room.

Inky's Loveys

These are my loveys on my bed. That's Cheburashka on the right, he's my favorite. Next to him is Teddy, who is okay, I guess. Frog and Toad are friends. They're chill. Last, that's a Care Bear.

Inky's nightstand

That metal box is my Super Secret Box. I keep my stuff from home in it, plus my 1" badge collection. You can see three of them in this photo. The green one w/ the typewriter is on my messenger bag. On my desk, you can see two more. One is of a matrioshka (stacking) doll. The other is of a map of Khabarovsk, my hometown. Anyway, my nightstand thing is where I keep my soccer stuff and my viola.

Inky's desk

This is my desk. And my school bag. I have a pin on it that says I Love Robots. I used to really like it, because robots are fun and stuff.

Inky's Music Stand

This is the last bit of my room. That's my music stand.  I am so bad at practicing, but I have to do 45 minutes a day.

Thanks for visiting my room! Tell me what you think!


  1. I love your teddy bear!
    I also think robots are mostly really nice!

  2. I have to ask where did you get Frog and Toad?! I used to love those books! Great room btw :)

  3. I got Frog & Toad at Borders Bookstore in 2006!